Ecological space at Vinhomes Thang Long garden villa

The investor spends a lot of area for green trees, the water surface with the highlight is a 10ha regulating lake, bringing a fresh and airy space. From April 2017, Vinhomes Thang Long customers (Hanoi) will be extended to the end of the year and receive a one-year service support package. The project is currently located on the intersection of Thang Long Avenue and Le Trong Tan Street, conveniently connected to neighboring administrative center areas. . The investor also organized a bus route from Vinhomes Thang Long to Cau Giay, Ha Dong and My Dinh to support travel for residents. In the first 2 years from the handover of houses, residents of Vinhomes Thang Long can use these bus routes for free. With a total area of ​​24ha, the project currently has 798 garden houses, semi-detached houses, shophouses, The whole remaining space is devoted to the landscape of trees and water. In particular, the highlight is a 10-hectare regulating lake, bringing a close to nature for the urban area. Vinhomes Thang Long meets the living needs of residents. how to live “city in the heart of the city” – where modern facilities are synchronized, fully meet the needs of all generations. The promenade along the lake is 3.6 km long, the sports area, the nursery garden, the meditation area will be places for the whole family to exercise and participate in useful community activities. Vinschool inter-school system helps the young system develop comprehensively. In addition, Vinmart also provides residents with products of clear origin, guaranteed quality … In addition, Vingroup investors also implement many preferential policies for customers to have time to prepare finance. Vinhomes Thang Long residents have moved to live after 8 months of project launch. According to the representative of the investor, the planning of developing the western area of ​​Hanoi to become the new administrative center has created a “domino” effect. dragging on the frantic development of a series of housing projects, commercial centers, transport infrastructure … “Choosing to live in a far-away garden, where the back yard has become a popular trend In recent years. Many billionaires, famous politicians also own a series of expensive garden villas, possessing green space, close to nature, ”the representative said. Choose a home away from the center of the garden, where there is The backyard garden has become a popular trend. In Vietnam, many families also choose to live far from the center, where there is a green space and full facilities. In particular, garden villas meet the needs of many generations and own green areas to help spirit and health better.With many outstanding advantages, Vinhomes Thang Long project will meet green living needs. of Vietnamese people. Besides Vinhomes Thang Long, Vingroup also invested in many outstanding projects such as Vinhomes Thang Long (Dai Long Thang Long), Vinhomes Green Bay (Me Tri), D’.Captitale (Tran Duy Hung) …

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